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Michael Palmer

Let's talk about your project

Record Producer

I produce records for and with a diverse range of artists, bands and vocalists. For me, it's all about a love for the craft of making great records, and having an absolute ball while doing so.

I cover the following areas:

  • Production
  • Arranging (including score creation for strings, and brass etc,)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

If you are an artist that would like to work with me or a filmmaker who needs the perfect 'needle drop' record for your film, get in touch and let's get to work.

Artist Production

Compilation Sampler

A Few Favourites

This is my rework of this fantastic track. I took Danny's layers of beautiful solo cello and built a new world around them with synths, drum machines, piano and electric bass. All finished off with a polished mix and master.

I worked with Santi on the arrangement, lyrics, production, mastering and played electric guitar.

Here I took a basic acoustic guitar demo and produced a full record, playing all of the instruments and singing backing vocals. Lead vocal by Risk Agents front man Pasha.

On this dance floor filler I played bass, keys, organ, percussion and handled production duties with Healer Selecta. Out of Freestyle Records.

I really enjoyed this three way co-write with Kat Quinn and Nashville songwriting legend Steve O'Brien. On the record I was guitarist, pianist, producer and mastering engineer.

Super Full Moon is the moniker under which I bring my own songs to the world, with the help of some of the UK's finest musicians.

My musical style is a blend of various inspirations, including the likes of The Cardigans, Deers, Elliot Smith, Arcade Fire, The Maccabees, Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon.

The Super Full Moon mission is all craft. The craft of songwriting and production, and the craft of release artwork which I create myself.

BBC Introducing: Official 'One to Watch'

Super Full Moon


My Own Songs