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Michael Palmer

Latest Work

Singer Songwriter

I Know How You Feel

A slice of pop/rock with influence from artists like Sheryl Crow. This song is a simple message that we all need to hear from time to time from those we love. Full mix and instrumentals are available for use.

Audio Branding

Legal & General

The brief for this project was 'Calm serenity, with a modern high-end feel'. These tracks were delivered as a variety of elements such as loops, intros, stings etc, forming an audio branding package to be used across a wide range of media.

Singer Songwriter

Baby Blue

A slice of contemporary singer-songwriter pop with a Latin influence. This is dedicated to all newborns in the world.. "Welcome to Earth kid!... and watch out! It's beautiful but kind of crazy here!"


TSB | Life Made More

This charming and funny spot for TSB, staring David Schwimmer, called for a score that was subtle enough to let the dialogue lead, but playful enough to accent the humour. We composed a number of versions before we landed on the perfect fit. In the end, some 60's inspired jazz/country guitar picking did the trick. Sometimes less is more when it comes to the right music.

The musical mnemonic you hear at the end of this ad will be the sound of TSB branding going forward.

Produced for Mushka.

Agency: McCann, UK

Here are the pieces created at the demo stage.

Audio Branding

An Egyptian Journey

I recently had the enjoyable pleasure of composing this piece of music for a branding agency working with the Egyptian Tourism Industry. Its intention is to take you on a tour of Egypt in all its colour, romance and excitement... I hope you enjoy it.

Audio Branding

Neo-Classical Influences

This recent pitch for a Saudi company called for a Neo-Classical influenced sound. Sadly this one didn't progress past the pitch stage but I am still very proud of the work.

Throughout each piece, a memorable mnemonic is also present forming the basis for a toolkit of sounds to build an audio signature for the brand.
Let me know Which is your favourite?

All of these tracks are available for use and can be re-versioned / re-mixed to suit your needs.  

TV Series

Девушки с Макаровым (Translation: Girls With Makarov)

'Girls with Makarov' (A play on words referring to the Russian 'Makarov' handgun) is a major police comedy/drama by 'Comedy Club Production', one of Russians biggest TV production companies.

I grew up playing in funk and rock bands, so this brief was a dream come true.

Brad Horizon | You're A Winner

Get ready for some pure 80's musical cheese from my new alter ego. 'Brad Horizon'. I had far too much fun making this song, which forms part of my original soundtrack for the comedy/horror feature film 'When The Screaming Starts'.

The brief was to create a song that you might find on the soundtrack for Rocky. Definitely, one to file under 'guilty pleasures'.

This song is available for use. Get in touch for cut-downs, edits and/or re-versioning to suit your film.

Record Production