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Michael Palmer


Composer Favourites

Audio Showreel

I have made so much music for media over the years, but some pieces have stood out for me. Here are some favourites (many available for use).

Feature Films

This is my debut feature, released in 2022 to critical acclaim on the indie horror movie scene, including a '100% Fresh' score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The music for this feature covered a lot of ground. As a composer, I had to produce music in a wide variety of genres, from classic horror right through to heavy rock, punky-ska, synth-wave, 80's soft rock, quirky jazz and classical film score.

Out now in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

Directed by: Conor Boru
Written by: Conor Boru & Ed Hartland

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I have been creating the sonic signature for an array of global brands since 2006.

My approach is to create music that has been meticulously designed to effectively tell brand stories, while simultaneously having the depth and quality to stand alone in its own right. And I don't stop at music, I can also handle all aspects of creative sound design, to create a unified and powerful sonic branding experience.

To do this I bang a lot of drums, strum a lot of strings, tweak endless parameters and drink far too much coffee!

Just some of the brands I have worked with

Just some of the brands I have worked with

Just some of the brands I have worked with

TV & Shorts

The right music and sound design have a wonderfully immediate ability to draw out the hidden subtext of a character and set the perfect tone for a scene.

No less than a direct route to the heart.

Be it a traditional score or blurring the lines between music and sound design, I am literally in heaven when helping to tell your stories.

Send me your script or rough cut and let's create some storytelling magic.

Channel Branding

Creating the unique sonic identity of a channel is a challenge that is as creative as it is technical.

With many briefs demanding a wide range of idents, bumpers, stings and zones, the goal of a unified brand experience can be one that requires a nuanced vision spanning across a range of stylistic genres. This is a challenge I love to embrace.

Think of me as a graphic designer who paints with sound rather than pixels.