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Michael Palmer

Musical Branding for Film & TV

Your production is not just an amazing story... it's also a brand.

In today's crowded marketplace, your production must stand out from the crowd. This is where I believe I can help.

Musical branding for film and TV is all about developing sonic language that audiences will forever associate with your production.
This is a wide-ranging creative field but can include considerations such as:

  • Creating a script or picture-edit-inspired toolkit of sounds, to form the basis for musical scoring

    This could be the use of certain musical instruments that evoke a specific feeling. Or the creation of unique one-of-a-kind instruments that are made from sources like foley or location sound recordings. For example: A thriller using instruments created from field recordings of glass being smashed, for a film centred around a plot where a central character is killed by falling through glass.

    Did you know? That Bernard Herrmann's score for Hitchcock's classic thriller 'Psycho', was recorded using only orchestral strings? This was the composer's reaction to Psycho being shot in black and white. If a full orchestra is 'full colour in sound', then just strings would be 'black and white'. A brilliant choice which gave the film a truly unique voice.

    That's musical branding at work.

  • Composing with mnemonics in mind

    A great example is the classic guitar chord that signifies the world of James Bond. Whenever someone hears this simple chord they are immediately in the world of Bond. Amongst guitarists, we all know the 'Bond Chord'.


  • Creating audio elements, extracted from the main soundtrack score, for promotional use

    Within each score, there is an ability to extract unique elements for use in the wider promotional content associated with a film. Be it cinematic trailers or online content such as viral campaigns, websites, apps etc. As with elements visual like 'type faces', sound can also have a unified language across all content, be it the main production or advertising.

    Think: Intros, outros, stings, loops, transitions and in sonic gestures. A unified narrative brand experience.

The possibilities are endless